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Online Info Tray

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299,00 €

Connect with the right trade press: use an online info tray to manage distribution of your news via digital media. 

How it works

  • Visit our shop to order an online info tray
  • go to the "Exhibitor-Content-Manager" (ECM) via the dashboard
  • Post an unlimited number of press releases via ECM - in English or German, with images and other content
  • Your press releases will be published in the press section of the event's official website and made available for download on your company presentation in the exhibitor and partner directory
  • The website's search function will also display your information.

Hint: Extend the reach of your press releases via your company's social media channels. A listing in the event's press section also boosts awareness of your participation in the event.  

Format and content options:

  • Press releases in two languages (German/English), text volume:
    • Title (100 characters with spaces)
    • Intro text (255 characters with spaces)
    • Body text (2,000 characters with spaces)
  • Upload up to three extra PDF files per language
  • Upload up to three images in a 16:9 format (.jpg, .png, .tiff; max. 1.2 MB; max. 1,150 px width) per press release
  • Allocation of each press release to your company or to one of your published products in your company presentation in the list of exhibitors


Purchase order terms for category Online info tray

Your press releases will be published in the press section ( as well as in the "Exhibitor and Partner directory" area of the IAA TRANSPORTATION website. The maximum character lengths of a press release are: Title (100 characters incl. spaces); short text/intro (255 characters incl. spaces), continuous text (2,000 characters incl. spaces). Since not all text formatting appears correctly on the Internet, please be sure to format your texts as plainly as possible, using a conventional font (typeface) and a type size from 10 to 12 points. To give journalists an opportunity to contact you directly, be sure to include the name of your company's media contact person in each press release.

Entry of press information
Once you order an Internet press tray, you can access our Exhibitor Content Manager (ECM) via Shop. You can access the ECM via your dashboard. Under "Printed ads/press" you upload your files. Use this program to create and post as many textual and pictorial releases as you wish in German and/or English.

Publication period
There is no deadline for your press releases. If you want your press release to appear as of a specific date, you must indicate this on the order form. All press releases will be deleted automatically six weeks before the beginning of the next event. Fill in a deletion date if you want your data to be deleted earlier.

Processing / release
Our editorial team strives to publish your text/images online within four working days of receiving your full information. Once your information is online, we will e-mail you a link so you can preview the published contents. If there are any errors to report, please contact within three days of receiving the link. Thereafter, the text/images will be regarded as approved and released; corrections are possible at any time, though. 

Your press releases are accessible to anyone.

Deutsche Messe cannot guarantee the proper functioning of any external data networks to which you are directly or indirectly connected and moreover is not liable for any down-time caused by technical problems or limited availability of the Internet server except in the event of intent or gross negligence. Deutsche Messe and companies authorized to perform the services accept no liability in the event of data not being entered into the system, for incorrect entries, unauthorized acces to the press releases and similar deficiencies except in the event of intent or gross negligence. The law on competition requires that all the information you give corresponds with the facts. If you fail to comply with this requirement, you will be liable for any damage suffered directly or indirectly by Deutsche Messe as a result of your actions.

Pricing terms for category Online info tray

Prices, unless specified otherwise, are net prices in euros and subject to German VAT.

Cancellation terms for category Online info tray

If you cancel your participation at the fair or your order to insert a press release after the order has been placed, then the full price for the service must be paid regardless of the cancellation date.

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Deutsche Messe
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